meet our horses


Birthday: April 28,2004
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: 15.2h bay gelding

Samson has been with me for ten years now. He’s a 2004 quarter horse that doesn’t act a day over five. He’s bred down the line of Two Eyed Jack and is therefore a work horse through and through. Give him a job, and he’ll go to the ends of the earth to accomplish it for you. He is loyal and loving with a big heart and all try. He has a big, powerful engine with a lot of go when needed yet he’s soft enough to gently and quietly teach our littlest riders. He’s my heart horse, and if you’re lucky enough for me to share him with you, you’ll see why.


Birthday: April 15, 2009
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: 15h chestnut gelding

Suede is a 2009 quarter horse that I fell in love with for his calm, quiet demeaner and big heart. He is a gentle snuggle muffin on the ground and a calm, willing ride under saddle. He has a steady, smooth trot and a slow, rocking horse canter. With Shining Spark as his grandfather, its no wonder he’s agile and soft off his feet with plenty of fun buttons to play with. This is the horse that will take a beginner from their first trot through rollbacks and spins.


Birthday: October 19, 2004
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: 16h black gelding

Midnight is 16 hands of sleeky black fur and big, trusting brown eyes. He is quiet, steady and willing. He has more ‘woah’ than ‘go’ with a steady gait, making him the perfect babysitter for our youngest riders and teacher for our older ones learning to walk, trot and canter.  Be careful with this one, though, it is usually love at first sight the moment your littles lay their eyes on him!


Elvis, AKA Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome, is a gentle giant. He’s a mustang trapped in a draft body with a heart of gold. He is slow, quiet, and loving. One look into those big brown eyes and you’ll fall in love. Elvis comes to us as a lease, and we couldn’t be happier to have him in our program. The biggest hurdle with this guy is figuring out how to climb up into that saddle … and then get back down! Perhaps we will invest in a ladder.


If a puppy was stuck in a horse body, that would be Rusty. He is sweet, gentle, kind and loyal. He comes to NOCO Equine as a lease from a dear friend who only wants the best for him (which is being loved on by littles all day!). He had a rough start to life but is being shown all of the love and kindness we can find. He is the smallest pony we have in our program, which makes him ideal for our littlest riders. We’re so happy to be able to use him for our program. He is truly irreplaceable!


June 15, 2022
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: Chestnut cookie monster

Della (‘the baby’) is the newest addition to our herd. She’s bred down through Hollywood Dun It on her sire’s side and Miss N Cash on her dam’s side. This little filly has a big future ahead of her!

Obviously, she isn’t used for lessons just yet (she’s just a baby!) but she loves cookies and nose kisses. I always encourage all of our students to go over and love on her. Afterall, there’s nothing better than foal snugs!