meet our instructor

Tracy Mask

I am the instructor behind NOCO Equine. I have over 25 years of riding and equine experience. I started riding as a little girl and never stopped. I grew up outside of New York City as a horse-crazy girl eager for any opportunity to get in the saddle.

My passion for horses took me across the country to attend Colorado State University (a college dedicated to teaching you about horses? Yes please!) I took every hands-on, horse-related course I could find, including Riding Instructor Training, Techniques in Therapeutic Riding, Equine Event Management, and Equine Behavior to name a few.

I graduated the Equine Science program at Colorado State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science and returned to earn a Master of Science degree in the Animal Sciences program at CSU in 2014. While earning these degrees I worked for the US Geological Survey on their wild horse research, interned at Royal Vista Equine in their breeding program, and worked in the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory over at CSU.

In 2015, I stepped away from my career path and gave birth to a set of twins. Those twins are now young kids that are learning what wonders can be found between the ears of a horse. Watching their faces light up in the saddle is worth more to me than any blue ribbon in a show ring. It is also the impetus that started NOCO Equine.

Starting NOCO Equine is my way of taking 25-years worth of equine experience and sharing that with other horse-crazy little kids. Every little kid who dreams of horses should have the opportunity to smile ear-to-ear from the saddle. That is why I’m here. So get your camera ready. The smiles are worth it!